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Book “Dependency Injection in .NET” by Mark Seemann

I have recently read the book “Dependency Injection in .NET” by Mark Seemann. It covers motivation for using of Dependency Injection, patterns & anti-patterns, challenges and their solutions. The book also touches on interesting theme of proper Dependency Injection with various … Continue reading

Book “CLR via C#” by Jeffrey Richter

A few days ago I’ve finished reading the book “CLR via C#” by Jeffrey Richter. It’s a very deep and useful book and I highly recommend it for reading to every .NET developer. The book describes internals of Common Language … Continue reading

WCF Refresher

I’ve just read the book Programming WCF Services by Juval Lowy and Michael Montgomery. It’s a thorough book that has a lot of detailed information on different aspects of WCF, like instance management, handing of the faults, transactions, concurrency management, … Continue reading

Book “Agile Estimating and Planning” by Mike Cohn

I have recently read the book “Agile Estimating and Planning” by Mike Cohn. The book contains so much useful information regarding Agile planning on all levels that I decided to present its key ideas and approaches to other Scrum Masters, product/project … Continue reading

Book ‘Succeeding with Agile. Software Development Using Scrum’ by Mike Cohn

A few days ago I have finished reading Mike Cohn’s book “Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum“. Here is my short review and thoughts about it. Part I “Getting started” is not very useful for teams that already use … Continue reading

Book “The Art of Unit Testing” by Roy Osherove

I’ve just read the book “The Art of Unit Testing” by Roy Osherove. To tell the truth my previous knowledge on writing Unit tests was rather superficial with basic usage of nUnit and main experience in writing old-school C++ Unit … Continue reading