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Switching off worthless Code Analysis rules

This post is related to Microsoft’s Code Analysis tool for .Net projects aka FxCop. Code Analysis is a great tool that helps to keep code cleaner and avoid some common mistakes. However some rules produce CA errors much more often than … Continue reading

Managing size of Transaction Log in SQL Server

During previous sprint I was asked to investigate why the file of Transaction log on production SQL Server becomes huge over time. The situation indeed looked strange: the size of data file was just about 5.5 GB, while the size … Continue reading

WCF Refresher

I’ve just read the book Programming WCF Services by Juval Lowy and Michael Montgomery. It’s a thorough book that has a lot of detailed information on different aspects of WCF, like instance management, handing of the faults, transactions, concurrency management, … Continue reading

Analyzing memory consumption problem in application with mixed code

I have recently been asked to investigate the problem of high memory consumption by one of the backend services of our product. I cannot reveal the product and component names, their logic and especially the code, so I’ll call this … Continue reading